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Braun Silk Expert Ipl Reviews

Braun Silk-expert is a new IPL system which results in permanently visible hair removal in four to five treatments. 

Braun Silk-expert works beneath the skin’s surface by targeting the melanin in the hair follicle, which helping to break the cycle of hair regrowth. 
Braun Silk-expert helps prevent unwanted hair from reaching the skin surface with continued, regular use.
What is SensoAdapt Skin Tone Sensor:-
Actually, when you use an IPL device Skin tone varies across different parts of the body. So each skin tone requiring a particular energy level to target the melanin. 
Braun Silk-expert has the novel SensoAdapt skin tone sensor which continuously reads your skin tone with the speed of 80x per second and Braun Silk-expert  SensoAdapt Sensor will automatically adapt the IPL light intensity for best results with safety. 
SensoAdapt skin tone sensor removes the guesswork of having to match your skin tone against the complicated color matching charts other IPL devices require. 
Braun Silk-expert provides full body treatments for up to 15 years, or up to 35 years in smaller treatment areas like lower legs, underarms, and upper lip. 
Braun Silk-expert is the fastest IPL technology home hair removal machine on the market. 
The Cost of Braun Silk-expert IPL:-
£249.38 FREE Delivery in the UK if you buy it from Amazon UK

Link to Amazon UK for real buyers review of Braun Silk

Expert Ipl:-

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Label M Therapy Age-Defying Radiance Oil For Younger Looking Hair:Price, Side Effects, Review

Hello Friends,
Since last 3 Years my blog best age defying laser provides reviews of new and advanced products for defying your age. In this series, you read the review of VLCC anti-aging day cream SPF25 in my India laser blog.
Now I provide the review of Label M Therapy Age-Defying Radiance Oil (With Rejuven-8TM Complex) For Younger Looking Hair.
Toni and Sacha Mascolo present label.m Therapy Rejuvenating Radiance Oil.
Label M Therapy Age-Defying Radiance Oil  Overview: - This luxury hair oil is enriched with Rejuven-8TM Complex and Moroccan Argan Oil for long-term hair rejuvenation and hair loss protection. 
Label M Therapy Age-Defying Radiance Oil working dramatically to transform the look of dry, damaged hair.
This oil has the non-greasy formula which is quickly absorbed with leaving hair & your hair looking strong, radiant and youthful. To achieve the ultimate result of revitalized. 
Directions of use: - Dispense a small amount (few drops) into your hands and apply this amount evenly through damp hair, While you use oil concentrating on dry areas for a more intense treatment, leaving the hair sumptuously soft and shiny. 
How Aging Effects on Hair?:- Like our skin, our hair also ages. 
With the effect of aging our skin cells lose elasticity, and our complexion of skin looks less radiant with age, same happen with our hair. 
The Keratin fibers, which make up the structure of the hair's cuticle, also tend to wear away with age. 
Finally, age makes your hair structurally weaker, more fragile, dull and damaged hair and hair loss. 
What is  Rejuven-8TM Complex: - Rejuven-8TM Complex combine eight of the most technologically advanced anti-ageing ingredients including White Caviar and Hyaluronic Acid for long-term rejuvenation.  
Rejuven-8TM Complex ingredients: -
White Caviar.
Iron Rose Crystal.
Glycolic Acid which extracted from Turbinado Sugar and Palm Sugar, Hyaluronic Acid.
Lupine Lipo-Peptides. 
Micro-proteins sourced from the African Baobab Tree and European Sweet Chestnut. 
Moroccan Argan Oil  with Omega 3, 6 and 9 
Natural antioxidants Vitamin A & E. 
Rejuven-8TM Complex Therapy Range to satisfy the needs of mature hair, Therapy Age-Defying incorporates Rejuven-8TM Complex combining 8 of the most technologically powerful youth-enhancingThis combination, exclusive to Therapy Age-Defying, will leave your hair revitalized, radiant, smooth and healthy-looking.

Cost of Label M Therapy Age-Defying Radiance Oil: 
At UK- 
At present price of Label M Therapy Age-Defying Radiance Oil is:-£19.74 (£19.74 / 100 ml) in the UK( Price is subject to change so for today price visit this Amazon UK link:-

At US-
$22.60 in the US ( Price is subject to change so for today price visit this Amazon US link:-
INR 3365 in India( Price is subject to change so for today price visit this Amazon India link:-
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Monday, July 11, 2016

KevenAnna Blue Light Hair Removal or KevenAnna Showliss PRO Review

Key points(Pro's of KevenAnna Blue Light Hair Removal):-
1. KevenAnna Blue Light Hair Removal is a reliable and durable thermal hair remover for all hair color and skin forms.
2.KevenAnna Blue Light Hair Removal is perfect to be used on physique and face.
3.KevenAnna Blue Light Hair Removal is utterly painless and harmless which carbonize hair and slowing hair growth by way of blue mild heating.

KevenAnna Blue Light Hair Removal come with extra 2 pcs pointers ( extensive Thermicon Tip, slim Thermicon Tip ) package also include two buffer pads incorporated to wash up your epidermis after use.
The device is easy to use with the lcd visual display unit, with two buttons, and a English guide.
How KevenAnna Blue Light Hair Removal Work:-
The sizzling blade cut off the hair after contact the hair, carbonize the upper a part of the hair follicle.
This amassed warmness delay to the hair follicle roots and impacted the major components of the hair follicle keratin, minimize its content, making the influence of inhibiting or slowing down the development ability of hair. 

How to buy: - Here is the Amazon link for online buy:-

Hair growth reducing effect of KevenAnna Blue Light Hair Removal:-
Reuse over two weeks to let hair follicle reduce, making new development hair finer and finer, the growth cost becomes slower and slower underneath the premise of no longer affecting the traditional sweat.
After commonly of hair elimination, hair shall be utterly out of the hair follicle, finally attain the result of hair removal 
This product has constrained immediate influence on hair removal, it slows the hair growing velocity, let hair follicle diminish, and change the hair thinner. It's viewed a healthy and painless product to take care of body hair
Other Specifications:-
- KevenAnna Showliss pro (The Chinese language noted beauty apparatus manufacturer) 
- further two portions pointers (wide Therm-icon Tip, narrow Therm-icon Tip) 
- With LCD screen, with two buttons. 
-handbook together with three languages (Chinese, English, Korean) 
- ideal to be used on the physique and face 
-nontoxic and mighty for all hair colors and epidermis forms 
-LCD repute monitor 
-Pulsed Therm-icon technology 
-Rechargeable and cordless 
-match for taking out: Facial Hair, body Hair, Upper Lip Hair.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Can laser hair removal be used for nostril hair?

One of my follower ask that " I want to permanent remove my nostril hair through laser? What to do? which home laser hair removal system is best for nasel hair removal?
Laser hair removal inside nose:- 
No any home laser hair removal machine is useful for laser hair removal inside nose because nose mucosa is a sensitive membrane and doing laser or IPL hair removal inside nose is hurt , 
However a professional plastic surgeon doing electrolysis for nose hair removal.
Electrolysis and laser hair removal is near about same read the difference in both of them in this link:-
Laser nose hair removal cost:- I already told that your laser surgeon use electrolysis instead of laser or IPL for permanent hair removal inside your nose, cost of nose electrolysis is near $50 for both of nostril but it all depend on your country and your surgeon fees because nose hair removal will be performed by only a experienced and qualified dermatologist.
Electrolysis nose hair removal:-
Electrolysis is a best option for removing male nostril hairs but this electrolysis of nose hair is done only by a experienced hair removal specialist, watch this you tube video for more details:-

Best way to get rid of nose hair:- If you want to removal nose hair from top of nose then laser and IPL systems are best for you read more details of home laser hair removal machines here:-

How to remove hair from nose surface?:-  If you want to remove hair from nose upper surface or laser hair removal on top of nose then IPL hair removal systems like Gillette Venus Naked Skin is a best choice read more details here:-
Same process may be adopted for nasal hair removal in female

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Top Thermal Hair Removal : Best Alternative Permanent Hair Removal

There are 4 technologies which give permanent ( or long lasting) hair reduction:- 
1. Laser Hair Removal 
2. IPL Hair removal 
3. Thermal Hair Removal 
4. Electrolysis. 
You can read more about laser hair removal vs electrolysis in my post:- Laser Hair Removal vs Electrolysis in this post I review a best alternative permanent hair removal technology instead laser or IPL hair removal. 
This technology is known as " Thermal Hair Removal" 
What is Thermal Hair Removal or Thermal Epilation?:- When thermal energy is used to crystallise hair and destroy hair follicle then this type of hair removal known as thermal ray hair removal.
Several patented technology like Thermal-Ray™ and Thermicon™ used this heat base technique. 
How Thermal Epilation Work?;-Thermal hair removal is a heat based technology, which uses no light, no lasers and no IPL technologies. 
Thermal hair removal system conducts a gentle pulse of heat to unwanted hair this heat crystallized hair and It is safely and painlessly removed. 
Thermal hair removal machines allows a greater pulse of energy to be passed down to the hair root. This energy disrupting the communication between the bulb and root which slows down hair regrowth and also weakens the hair. So due to several uses of thermal base heat hair removal, hair grows back slower, sparser, finer, lighter and in many cases not seeing hair grow back for a long time.
There are 2 best thermal hair removal system available in market:-
1.Carejoy Thermal Hair Removal.
2. No No Pro Thermal Hair Removal
3.KevenAnna Blue Light Hair Removal 
1. Review of Carejoy Thermal Hair Removal:-  
Carejoy thermal hair removal is popular at home heat base permanent hair removal device in united kingdom.This device is available at very low cost if we compare it to laser hair removal systems.
Cost of carejoy thermal hair removal is near £50 only.
Features of Carejoy most national magic blue ray machine:-  1. best alternatives of home laser hair removal machines for permanent  hair removal, the effect of thermal energy significantly restrain the hair regeneration.
When you use this device after a period of time you noted thinning of hair density and find your hair become soft. 
Long-term use can achieve permanent hair removal 
See more Details and buying offers with 6 reviews at Amazon here:-
2. Review of No!No! PRO 3 (nono hair removal system):-
no!no! pro 3 is another latest thermal hair removal device but cost of no!no! pro 3 is little bit higher then Carejoy Most National Magic Blu-ray Thermal Handy Permanent Hair Removal Device.
Compare Cost of no!no! pro 3 vs Carejoy Most National Magic Blu-ray Thermal Handy Permanent Hair Removal Device:-
In Uk cost of Carejoy Most National Magic Blu-ray Thermal Handy Permanent Hair Removal Device is near £50 but no!no! pro 3 cost is near about  £125. 
Read more details of no no pro at my earlier article here:-
no no pro review
3.KevenAnna Blue Light Hair Removal:-

1. KevenAnna is a thermal hair  

removal system for all hair color and 

skin forms.

2.KevenAnna Blue Light Hair Removal 

is best to be used on

 body and face.

3.KevenAnna Blue Light Hair 

Removal remove hair by 

thermal process which is painless and harmless and 

slowing hair growth by way of blue mild heating.

Price £28 in UK (Subject to Change)

Read more detail here:-

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Best at Home Laser Hair Removal Systems UK 2016

This article is specially wrote for review of 2016 top four at home laser hair removal systems in united kingdom (UK).
1.Philips Lumea Prestige SC2008/11 IPL Hair Removal System UK 2016:- 
This is the latest model of Philips lumea you can compare earlier models of philips lumea here:-
Philips Lumea Prestige SC 2008/11 is the best seller IPL hair removal machine in UK.

Featuers of Philips Lumea Prestige SC 2008/11:-Philips Lumea Prestige SC 2008/11 has five adjustable light energy settings to ensure gentle but effective treatment. 
Philips Lumea Prestige SC 2008/11 IPL treatment is safe and gentle to use even on sensitive skin and sensitive body areas. 
Philips Lumea Prestige SC 2008/11  cordless design is designed for treating the areas you want, when you want, without being restricted by cords, so it’s much easier to handle. 
No Replacement Parts Needed Philips Lumea Prestige SC 2008/11 is a complete solution that comes ready to work straight out of the box. 
More importantly, it does not require any replacement lamps or gels. 
Safe Lumea is equipped with an integrated UV filter to protect your skin from UV light. 
It also has an integrated safety system to prevent unintentional flashing. Lumea SC2008 has a lifetime of 140,000 flashes, for longer usage.
Estimated Price in UK:-£280
Online buying link from Amazon UK:-

2.Veet Infini'Silk Pro IPL Hair Removal System UK 2016:-

Features1. Veet Infini' Silk Pro 2016 has Skin colour sensor.

2.Veet Infini' Silk Pro 2016Skin contact sensor.

3. Veet Infini' Silk Pro 2016 no need for eye wear.
4. Veet Infini' Silk Pro 2016 has five adjustable light energy settings
5. Flashes onto the skin for convenient application
6. Up to 120,000 light pulses in the main cartridge.
Estimated Price in UK:-£150
Online buying link from Amazon UK:-
More Details:-

3.Panasonic ES-WH80 Cordless IPL Hair Removal System UK 2016:-

Panasonic ES-WH80 IPL hair removal system 2016 offers safe and effective treatment for arms, underarms, legs and bikini line Simply slide and press the head to your skin to automatically emit IPL, no need to press a button.
Panasonic ES-WH80 IPL hair removal system 2016 has 5 intensity settings.
Panasonic ES-WH80 IPL hair removal system 2016 is perfectly replace traditional hair removal methods such as waxing, shaving, gels and epilators.
Panasonic ES-WH80 IPL hair removal system 2016 has easy-to-grip ergonomic design and lightweight body (335 g) Universal voltage and Long-life Li-on batteries providing over 600 flashes per charge let you enjoy effortless and convenient operation anywhere.
Estimated Price in UK:-£200
Online buying link from Amazon UK:-
4.Remington IPL6500 I-Light Pro Hair Removal Device UK 2016:-

Remington IPL6500 I-Light Pro Hair Removal system 2016 uses ProPulse(TM) Technology which is clinically proven to safely provide permanent hair reduction.  Remington IPL6500 I-Light Pro Hair Removal system 2016 is recommended by dermatologists Remington IPL6500 I-Light Pro Hair Removal system 2016 is unisex device for use on the body and female use for on the face (Face attachment included).
Remington IPL6500 I-Light Pro Hair Removal system 2016 is Corded for constant power so no need to recharge Remington IPL6500 I-Light Pro Hair Removal system 2016  has integrated skin sensor.
Estimated Price in UK:-£ 185
Online buying link from Amazon UK:-

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D'arsonval High Frequency Device: UK Most Popular Spa at Home Reviewed.

In my blog best age defying laser I explained D'arsonval High Frequency Age Defying Therapy for Skin Tightening, Wrinkles, Fine lines,and Puffy Eyes This D'arsonval high frequency device is most popular as "Spa at Home" in UK.
D'arsonval high frequency device is best for acne spots , find lines and skin rejuvenating massage.
Most of user review find it very use full for this purpose.
In this article I tell you how D'arsonval high frequency device work for acne and fine lines.
How D'arsonval High Frequency Device Work:-
The D'arsonval high frequency therapeutic machine is composed with high frequency oscillating circuit. This system is made from capacitance resistance and semiconductor.  D'arsonval high frequency therapeutic machine is equipped with insulation handle that can insert electrode and high frequency current, with build-in step-up transformer which designed with circuit output cable beside the insulation handle. 
When you power on this device the electrotherapy stick will generate consecutive high voltage and high frequency current through high frequency oscillation circuit board to lead the glass electrode to generate discharge phenomenon and ultraviolet light. 
As D'arsonval ( The French physician) discovered that this high frequency current on human body partial peripheral vascular will appear contraction and expansion reaction alternately after the skin is simulated by the high frequency current. 
The electrical sparkle can produce ozone through ionizing environmental oxygen in the air.
This ozone will improve blood circulation and give antiseptic anti-ageing effects.
Caution:- D'arsonval is not to be used by people who suffer with heart disease or pacemaker installed
Use of this device during pregnancy is not recommended.
Avoid if you have epilepsy or other neurological problem
Not to use on open wounds and healed scars.
It is always wise to consult your doctor that "you are fit for D'arsonal high frequency or not?